Disorders of the throat can be just a nuisance or a major complication. Tonsillitis, voice disorders, and hoarseness can interfere with our ability to communicate and can sometimes be an indicator of something more serious.

If you are experiencing throat discomfort, changes or voice loss, you should seek out a qualified otolaryngologist (ENT). 

Dr. James Rejowski of York ENT Surgical Consultants, Hinsdale, IL, has been treating throat conditions for more than 30 years and is experienced in diagnostics, treatment and performing surgery when necessary.  Learn about a variety of throat disorders in this section and what Dr. Rejowski and his team can do to evaluate and treat these problems.  Contact him to discuss your specific situation.

To schedule a convenient appointment with Dr. Rejowski to discuss your throat condition or concern, please call:   630-654-1391 (Hinsdale office) or 630-759-0065 (Bolingbrook).

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