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August 26  |  Blog  |   James Rejowski

This recent very thoughtful note was sent to our office manager Karen Heidinger.

Dear Karen

Here is my review/testimonial for the fantastic Dr. Rejowski! I would rather my full name not be used but you are welcome to use my first name.

Thanks, Mary

In between the glowing recommendations from my primary care physician, and overwhelming nods of approval from my physician husband and his colleagues, I knew that Dr. Rejowski was excellent and well respected in his field. This definitely boosted my confidence that I was in good hands.

Through a thorough analysis of an ultrasound Dr. R. found a fairly large tumor which needed to be urgently removed. He did not mince his words or patronize but was honest, straight forward and educating. Dr. R was able to break down the complexities of what was going on with me in plain English. I felt very empowered by the information and also reassured by his calming and caring nature. He certainly has one of the best bedside manners I have experienced from a physician!

Dr. R. exudes a calm confidence and strength which is exactly what you need as a patient. Throughout my experience with Dr. Rejowski I found a common trend in the way he worked with me. Firstly I realized it was important to him that I became well; secondly, he looked at me as a person and not just another faceless patient passing through his office. I also noticed that it was important to him that I was informed at every juncture of my treatment, so he made a point of advocating for me and keeping me well informed.

Dr. Rejowski is a gold standard physician. If your priority is to achieve the best outcome for your health, then he would be a great fit for you. He is a master at this craft and takes great pride in his work. Dr. R. is truly excellent, yet remains humble. He is a man of great integrity who will tell you the truth throughout.

Dr. Rejowski performed a partial thyroidectomy on me in May of 2015. I must admit I was very concerned about what the final scar would look like. For a number of reason, one being the fact that summer was around the corner. Apart from that I am a young woman and take pride in my appearance so the thought of having a giant scar (like some of the ones I had seen on the internet) was very upsetting. I can say today that Dr. R. did such an excellent job, that only a few months into my healing the scar is hardly visible. Apart from the superficiality of the scar the overall surgery was a huge success and my health is being very well managed at this point.

You would be hard pressed to find a physician better than Dr. R. at what he does. He is the consummate professional, he cares about people, and he takes absolute pride in his work and is extremely knowledgable. I very, very rarely write reviews but I felt it was my duty as a person who God has blessed with excellent recovery to pay it forward and inform others of where and most specifically who to go to should they encounter health issues.

As a new mother and wife, Dr. R. gave me my health and potentially saved my life so I can live a long full life with my family. As a woman, Dr. R. used his skill to ensure that this treatment didn’t diminish my self-esteem. He is truly wonderful.

From, Mary


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